Startup Weekend and Maple Leaf Digital Lounge Partner at SXSW


There is a great event that is happening at the (#MLDL) during South by Southwest (SxSW).  #MLDL in partnership with Startup Weekend are hosting an “Apprentice Style Competition” called the 40 Hour Challenge.

(Note: In order to qualify for this competition you must have been born in Canada, worked in Canada, went to school in Canada or can identify Canada on a map.)

At SxSW, there will be 18 pre-registered people who will be divided into 3 teams. The 40 Hour Challenge Organizing Committee has partnered with a company that has a new product that they want to build buzz around (in order to not divulge details ahead of time, this company will remain nameless). The identical product and task will be assigned to all 3 teams.

As an example, one of the tasks might entail building an app and posting it on a website. The highest number of downloads over the weekend will determine which team wins. Another example might entail developing a mobile optimized website and the team with the most hits on the website will be crowned the winner. The competition ends Sunday morning, March 13, 2011. It is recommended that each team complete their task by 6:00pm on Saturday so as to promote their submission during the various parties taking place on Saturday night.

The judging panel will include executives from Silicon Valley. There will be prizes awarded to the team that wins the competition.

For further information and to register, visit or email