Startup Weekend Toronto 2.0 – The Teams


Startup Weekend Toronto 2.0 concluded over a week ago and I’m still blown away by the energy, team work and innovation that everyone brought to the event. If you haven’t heard already, we had 3 winners who took home some great prizes from our amazing sponsors. We’ll be tracking the progress of these new startups, ideas, projects… whatever they become. Several of the teams are continuing on with the projects that began over the weekend and we’re watching excitedly to see how their stories unfold.

If you want to keep track yourself, this post provides a reasonable starting point.

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First Prize

First prize winners automatically create a visual representation of your resume. Launching soon, they have already had a wave of signups (over 12k in less than 5 days) and been covered by several design blogs. Follow on Twitter

Second Prize

Babysimplify is a new service that allows parents to see what they really need to be buying for their babies. Follow on Twitter


Third Prize

The team are working on a cross-platform reputation service for peer to peer transactions such as Craigslist, allowing people to judge how trustworthy a person is before entering into an agreement with them. Follow on Twitter



Winner of the Freshbooks ‘First Dollar Earned’ award)

Vertex.Io is a platform for developers, ‘providing your scalable cloud’. Vertex.IO aggregates usage data across every instance in realtime. You’re charged for what you store remotely and the communication between your Application and Vertex.IO. Follow on Twitter



‘Discover something fresh, four times a year.’ PostalSuede is a service that connects fresh products from the worlds of fashion, music, art and design with the people that want to stay ahead of the trend. Follow on Twitter

This is a daily deal aggregator with a difference – as well as offering great deals they also have a passion and a vision to inspire people and spread the power of positive! Follow on Twitter


ParkMeThere helps drivers find and book parking spots before they get on the road. They match private parking spaces with the commuters who need them. Follow on Twitter


An app for sharing those ‘classic’ moments with your friends and family. Photos of cool objects, in-jokes and unbeatable people watching moments are captured and sent out to the people that will appreciate it the most. Follow on Twitter is an AirBnB-style marketplace for office space. Companies looking for flexible space are matched with companies that have “shadow vacancy” — empty desks and office space. Follow on Twitter




This site shows you the interesting things to see and do around the transit stops throughout the Toronto system, offering you a new way to explore the city—one stop at a time. Follow on Twitter




Billed as ‘Kickstarter for startups’, this is a crowd funding platform for Canadian startups who are seeking financial support and exposure for their brand. Follow on Twitter


A clubbing companion app that lets you see who’s in the club, what’s going on and lets you chat with the people who are there. A great way of extending your social circle on a night out. Follow on Twitter


Launch your political career, help raise money for your charity, promote your cause. has all the tools you need to make a change in your community.  Follow on Twitter



EpicRise connects mentors with rising stars and offers the latter once in a lifetime chances to learn more about their industry from their idols.  Follow on Twitter


A tool to help you accelrate your networking potential at events by connecting you with the people you really want to talk to.  Follow on Twitter




This team built a live online video tutoring platform that connects students and mentors anywhere at any time.  Follow on Twitter




OneCal is a unified calendar for your friends, work colleagues and everything else. ‘One calendar for all the world’. Follow on Twitter




ProIntern is a marketplace where busy professionally can crowdsource tasks from students looking to earn some extra money.  Follow on Twitter



hivMind allows individuals to buy small percentages of new businesses and invest in their future successes.  Follow on Twitter