Startup Weekend Toronto EDU: Meet the Teams!


Friday Night

15 education startup ideas were selected via a participant vote on Friday night. Today, 12 teams present their products to the judges. Photo: RAGINI KASHYAP@KASHYAPRAGINI

The teams who will be presenting at Startup Weekend Toronto EDU are listed below. The order that they are posted are the order in which they will be presented . Presentations begin @ 5pm and teams will have 5 minutes to demo their startups, plus 1-2 minutes of Q&A with our expert panel of judges to wins thousands of dollars worth of business-building prizes


Smartypants Logo

1. Smarty Pants

SmartyPants aims to create learning experiences for children everyday by turning any game into a learning experience. The app locks specific gaming apps that can only be unlocked by answering skill testing questions. Turn gaming time into learning time with SmartyPants.

Team: Maraz Rahman , President, Trevor Toombs, Business Development/Strategy, Jane Merkovitch, Business Development/Strategy, Matthew Dinardo, Tech Team Member, Amal Nourdeya, Customer Experience Manager, Tyler Adams, Tech Team Member


Learning Loop Logo

2. LearningLoop

We’re passionate about provide solutions for early childhood education, a critical but often overlooked stage in a child’s development. This is Learning Loop; an online platform that allows educators and parents to share information about their child in a simple and meaningful way. Track observations, get insights, celebrate achievements and help education’s youngest members thrive.


Revest.Me Logo


A trustworthy & interactive crowd-funding application for students to raise money for their tuition and other expenses.


4. Teacher to Parent

ESL parents or new immigrants to Canada often do not have an understanding of English, French and/or how to support their child in elementary school in Canada. We have developed a platform that facilitates communication with their child’s teacher in the language of their choice and visual contextualization of their child’s performance. This will hugely improve communication with the teacher, allow them to access a broad range of information about the system that their child is learning in and understand their child’s improvement, growth and performance.

5.  Enrich

Enrich is a platform that combines the role of teacher and learner. Join a community that is constantly teaching and learning from each other with the next evolution of video tutorials.



6. Dollars for Scholars

Dollars 4 Scholars is revolutionizing the scholarship marketplace by streamlining scholarship opportunities directly to the student, in real-time, based on their current grades and extra curriculars.


Replay Logo

7. Replay

REPLAY is a mobile application that help parents experience their son or daughter’s achievements and highlights at school. We are focusing on the private school system in Canada and plan to sell the software to school.

News For Kids Logo

8. News 4 Kids

A kids-friendly global news social platform featuring commentary by experts from around the world


9. Fieldr

Find Fun Field Trips Fast. Quickly discover unique, local, affordable field trip experiences that are matched to achieve your specific curriculum requirements.


10. Beancounters

Beancounters is a kid friendly user interface for online banking that ties their real world transactions to financial literacy. This encourages kids to think about and develop sound financial habits.


11. Bookmantis

BookMantis is a revolutionary web and mobile application that will change the way University students buy and sell used textbooks. Our value is that we save people time, and get them the best price for their textbooks whether they are buying or selling.


12. Lego My Logo

We are the premier destination to brick up your logo. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to learn more.